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Forged tees

Forged tees are foreseen to be mounted on pipelines for steam, water and other inert agents. They are made in equal and non-equal options. They are made in in-line and non-in-line options.

Technical description:

  • Dimensions: matrix tees forged – from 20mm to 38mm, open forged tees – from 44,5mm to108mm
  • Fabrication standards:
    KER-83/2.01 outside diameter: 33.7 to 508mm
    DIN2605 outside diameter: 21.3 to 1620mm
    ANSI outside diameter: 33.7 to 914.4mm
  • Grades: R35, ST37.0, K18, ST45.8, K10, ST35.8, A.234 WPB, 1.4541, 1.4547, 304L, 316L .
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