We are inviting you to get acquainted with our offers regarding fabrication, assembly and commercial issues, comprising a wide range of products and services for the power, mining, chemical and heat generation industries.
The authorization granted to us by Urząd Dozoru Technicznego (Office of Technical Inspection) enable us to offer a broad scope of services for the most demanding customers.
Our top priority and fastest developing activity is bending of broad varieties of pipes, shapes and profiles. We fabricate baffles and screens for power boilers, various coils, heat exchangers as well as snowcat frames for a Swiss customer and railing bent components.
Qualifications of our welders and the equipment at their disposal enable us to meet our customers’ needs in this respect either.

We guarantee reliable, timely deliveries and immediate reactions in emergency situations. We know how to perform repair and maintenance services therefore we understand that sometimes a tiny element might be necessary to complete repair/maintenance within a planned period of time or to remedy failures that can occur.
We are always ready to negotiate commercial terms and conditions of cooperation.
We have our own transport means so we can deliver goods to any point of destination.
Within the time of our business activity we have been delivering elements that are mounted and installed on sites all over Poland as well as in Germany, France, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and in other countries.
Our employees involved in the above activities have got experience gained on the erection sites in Poland and abroad.

Our activities are based on the obtained authorizations:
- Management System EN ISO 9001,
- Manufacturing acc. to module G of Directive 2014/68/EC (Manufacturing of ressure vessels and pipelines  for power industry),
- UDT Authorization for repair, revamping and manufacture of boilers components
- We fulfill the quality requirements for fusion welding processes acc. PN-EN ISO 3834-2
with the fabricated components and rendered services a set of testing and quality certificates is provided.